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Quote - James M. Pfundstein

"I always present myself as the soul of innocence, the better to further my works of corruption."

4.5 out of 5

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Online, but ISFDB doesn't cover some of his publications, as policy.

3.5 out of 5

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Wikipedia - James Enge

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James Enge
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(Redirected from James enge)James M. Pfundstein
Pen name James Enge
Occupation Lecturer, Author
Language English
Nationality American
Education PhD in Classics
Alma mater University of Minnesota
Period 2008 - Present
Genres fantasy,sword and sorcery
Notable work(s) Morlock the Maker series.


Official website

James Enge is the pseudonym of James M. Pfundstein, an American fantasy and sword and sorcery author. His best known work is the ongoing Morlock the Maker series.[1]Contents [hide]
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2 Bibliography
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James M. Pfundstein has a PhD from the University of Minnesota [2] and is a lecturer at Bowling Green State University in the Department of Romance and Classical Studies.[3] He is represented by the Onyxhawke Agency. [4]

Morlock the Maker: Novels[5]
Blood of Ambrose (2009), ISBN 9781591027362
This Crooked Way (2009), ISBN 978-1591027843
The Wolf Age (2010), ISBN 9781616142438

Morlock the Maker Short Stories published in Black_Gate_(magazine) and online
"Blood From A Stone"
"A Book Of Silences"
A Covenant With Death
"Fire and Sleet"
"The Gordian Stone"
The Lawless Hours
"Payment Deferred"
"Payment In Full
"The Red Worm's Way"
Turn Up This Crooked Way

Other Stories
"Brother Solson and Sister Luna"
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3.5 out of 5

F&SF Competition 71 - James Enge

First Place

"It was a dark and ion-stormy night, as you know, Bob, and as you also know ion-storms are especially dangerous in the orbit of Tau Deltoid IV."
"I do know it, Brent, and I would also add that proton-showers can have a nasty effect on a ship's trichometers anywhere in the Tau Deltoid system."
"God, how I hate you!" simmered Brent, who resented any mention of shipboard trichometers because of their nigh-infinite bulbulousness.
"Not as much as I hate myself," beamed Bob plangently.
—James M. Pfundstein
Bowling Green, OH"

4 out of 5